Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Quick Altered Journals

I found these great little journals at Michael's - and the stamps, cups and rub-ons to match! The journals are perfectly fine as is - quite cute, actually. But I thought maybe a little altering might be in order.
I added an eyeglass stamp I had made at Casey Rubber Stamps in New York City. If you're in the city, check it out - a most interesting and unusual shop, littered with rubber shavings, catalogs piled to the ceiling and an owner who is definitely one-of-a-kind. He makes stamps while you wait - fine quality wood -mounted stamps. You could spend hours browsing his stash of catalogs! Don't ask him to make unmounted or clear stamps - he will have none of those new-fangled "lazy" stamps! Finished this one with a few red dots stamped with a pencil eraser and red acrylic paint. I love the fancy little chair, especially with it's new coat of teal Perfect Pearls. I made little dots with some of the Perfect Pearls and stamped the top corner with a Tim Holtz stamp.

Isn't this birdcage cute! I stamped the birds (another TH stamp), and then used a Cresendoh music and stitch stamp. I love the bits of music and faux stitching! I added a ring of keys to the Discover journal and used my go-to stamp - Christine Adolph's Shore Cliff Trim. The stars work for so many different styles. The wiggly lines behind the eyeglasses above are from the same stamp. This one got the pencil-stamp dot treatment with gold paint.

I stamped another candelabra on this one and then used my new TH splatter stamp. I'm splatter stamping everything....
These quick and easy little books are heading to The Captain's office staff. They take good care of him, so it was fun to make something special for them.

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  1. I love what you did with the journals! I saw these stamps and other matching things at Micheals, but not the journals! I think I would have done just what you did if I had seen those journals! Have a Happy new Year!


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