Thursday, February 10, 2011

The Power of Paint and Vintage Knobs

We've had this large piece of furniture for a long time, changing it as our tastes and needs changed. I can't find a good picture of the original - it was honey- colored pine with a row of small drawers ( like 6 inches deep) along the back edge - very colonial. Several years ago Carpenter Son removed the small drawers, stripped the top and painted the dresser off white. I added some funky twig hardware and the dresser moved from colonial to cottage - yippee!. Lately it's been in our family room, holding an antique, ginormous TV.
We stepped into the 21st century and got a flat screen TV for Christmas. Normal people would just go out and buy something new to hold the TV, but I always think "what do we have that might work"? I'm not a fan of "entertainment centers", or at least the ones that don't require a second mortgage, so decided to give the dresser a new look.

I re-sanded the top and put on a couple of new coats of Butcher's wax. The wax doesn't protect like polyurethane, but I like its soft shine. Sage green on the base and white on the drawers give it a bit more punch. I used the vintage knobs I found at a salvage store. I love the look of a dresser re-do I saw in a Stamptington magazine - they used all mis -matched knobs, but since this dresser has lots of knobs, decided to use a combination of matching/mis-matched knobs so it wouldn't be too busy.

I learned two things doing this project. I have painted lots of furniture and like the matte look of flat paint, but not how impossible it is to clean. Well, news to me, there is a flat enamel finish - who knew; not me, obviously!! Love it - flat finish, but a hard surface so finger prints wipe off.

My California daughter told me about this great blog, Centsational Girl. She describes conditioners to add to paint that extend drying time and reduce visible brush strokes. Floetrol is the one for latex paint; Panetrol for oil based paint. This is made for me - my Carpenter Son used to say it looked like I painted with a broom! I'm somewhat better that that now, but next time I'm going to try the conditioner.

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  1. It's amazing what a little paint and cool new knobs can do! I found your blog through Collage Cats and try to follow it regularly. I just love it! So inspirational. If you like, check out my blog. I have a little surprise there for you. Nothing weird, just fun!
    Terrie Lightfoot


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