Tuesday, February 22, 2011

It"s Award Season!

Whooeee, it's time for all those la-dee-dah dresses (and more than a few dogs), for seriously tailored suits on leading men, and the little golden statue given to the winners. Turns out I got an award of my own - from the seriously creative Terri Lightfoot. Check out her blog for some serious creative inspiration! I'm thrilled that she passed this award on to me!

The rules for this award - reveal 8 facts about myself and tag 8 other FABULOUSLY stylish bloggers. So, here goes:

1. I love discovering treasures at thrift stores. I have unlimited patience for pawing through old stuff in hopes of a "find". Somehow new things just don't have the same personality.

2. Based on the day, I consider chocolate either a food group or a pleasant alternative to therapy.

3. I'd like to be nicer than necessary, but I don't always succeed.

4. My wardrobe is a blend of thrift store finds with the occasional pricey splurge.

5. My first thought when I see something I like is " I think I can make that". Sometimes those thoughts are really more like fantasies, but I'm usually willing to give it a go. Fortunately I believe in the saying, "embrace imperfection".

6. I have a thing about small plates. I have enough to serve lunch to a small nation.

7. I love collecting supplies for my art almost as much as actually using them.

8. I never met a button I didn't like.

And now, passing on the "Stylish Blogger Award" to these lovely blogs:

Femme Curieuse's stylish, cheeky observations

The Printed Thought - sophisticated and socially responsible

Faded Charm - Shabby chic lovelies

The Teacup Pages - Artsy, Victorian and literary

The Vintage Moth - Vintage images to download

Nice and Easy Antiques - Cottage charm

Centsational Girl - DIY with style

Fleamarket Style - Great ideas and photos

I'm always amazed at the wonderfully creative people out there and glad that they're sharing their talents!

Now a word about the big kahuna of awards - T.H.E. Oscars. Watching them is one of my guilty pleasures. It's people -watching on a grand scale and there is a seriously high potential for something crazy to happen. I usually watch it on mute, though . Sadly, many of these folks aren't all that articulate without a memorized script written by good writers. Guess that's why they call it acting.

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