Sunday, March 6, 2011

Vase Facelift

Boston daughter got this vase for me awhile ago.  I love the shape, but the blue doesn't really work anymore, so what to do but give it a new life with some paper !   I glued on various off-white pieces of torn papers - text, music, and pieces from a shopping bag.   It still needed something, so I gave it a swipe of some gold shoe  polish that I bought at the cobblers.   I didn't plan to actually polish shoes with it, but couldn't resist the old gold color.  Here is the new version of my vase:

Remember those flowers we made out of tissues in grammar school?  I'd forgotten about them until I recently made some out of tissue paper for my granddaughter's 3rd birthday.  Then I remembered that I had seen some out here in blog land made of sewing patterns.  I dug out an old pattern and made these flowers.   Next time I'll iron the paper so it's a bit neater  and maybe try some Distress Ink on the edges.  

PS - Love the new, improved Blogger picture upload, but still fooling around with text and layout!!


  1. Love how you gave your vase a redo. The vase looks beautiful and the gold on it was the perfect touch.

  2. @Elaine Akers
    Elaine - thanks! I love that gold shoe polish - who knew?


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