Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Cookbook Rediscovered

I bought this book for the first time  just before my first child was born and taught myself how to make bread with  this little book.  It has everything from very basic bread, muffins and quick breads to more elaborate offerings.  I actually made the bagels from this book, and believe me, while they were yummy, making bagels is wayyyy to much work!

I used it so much the pages starting falling out and at one point put it down on a hot burner so it sported the swirly design of an electric stove unit singed onto the back cover.  Sometime over the decades I lost the book.

California Daughter was looking for my soda bread recipe for St. Patrick's Day.  It came from this book, so I went online to see if I could track one down.  The first one I found was pricey - $40.00!  If you look carefully, you can see that it cost all of $1.99 brandie-new back-in-the-day!  More careful searching and I located it for not much more than the original price and bought two - one for CD and a replacement for me.  I plan to make some yummy lemon bread this weekend, but no bagels!

Somewhat related - heard this on the news tonight.  Turns out the US spends the least amount of time cooking of all the countries in a recent study.  We also spend the least amount of time eating - probably because of all the eating in the car or wolfing down take-out in front of the TV.   ( I have done my share of  both).    Bet we could at least win the "who eats the most" category!  Here's to baking and enjoying leisurely meals.

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