Sunday, April 17, 2011

Spring - Daffodils, Peepers and Tag Sales!

One sure sign of spring around  here is the return of tag sales.  The Captain and I have a Saturday morning ritual - coffee mugs filled and sometimes with a treat in hand, we head out to check out a few local tag sales.  We started this  season with a bang.

Check out this great dresser!  I'm going to redo DC son's former man-cave and think this dresser will be perfect.  Who knows - I may not even repaint it - although it is hard for me to resist!    The dresser has a great distressed blue finish and since I plan to turn the MC into a beachy- themed spare bedroom, the blue is perfect. I LOVE the mirror - the great arch shape with three sections and the swirls on top and bottom.  Not sure what's up with the casters - I like my furniture to be stationary, so they'll be coming off.

The shells on the lamp will work with the theme , but I may tone down the blue just a bit.   Not sure what to do about a shade yet.  Vladimir is checking out the tag sales finds, too!

No tag sale day can really be considered successful if it doesn't include some art supplies.  Here's the day's haul - some stickers, a brand-new embossing gun, glitter, and some fun stamps.  This bag of treats has two flamingo stamps- I was going to just buy them as The Captain has an unnatural fascination with flamingos.  Since the whole bag of goodies was only $3.00  seemed silly to leave the rest behind.  I love the man with the top hat holding the sign.  He's got the creepy, weird thing going.

The panini press obviously isn't an art supply although it is heavy enough to use as a book press ! 

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