Monday, May 23, 2011

Artsy Lightbulbs!

The Plumen 001

We've replaced most of our light bulbs with those ugly low-energy bulbs.  They are fine if you can't actually see the bulb, but hideous in clear-shaded lights. Seems like they didn't need to be so UGLY - maybe if the bulbs were more attractive, more people would make the switch.  People are actually hoarding the incandescent bulbs so they don't run out when the old- style bulbs will no longer be available.    Well, check out these  beauties, coming soon to a store near you!  No more excuses!

Hold the shades- these naked bulbs  are an instant art installation.

Available here soon.

A bit less artsy option is available from GE.  It's not as attractive as the Plumen, but orders of magnitude  nice than the current coil style.

We got lots of mileage out of Mr. Edison's design - high time to  embrace function with some sassy style.

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