Sunday, May 8, 2011

My Reasons to Celebrate Mother's Day

These are my qualifications for celebrating Mother's Day (except The Captain; he's reason for other celebrations).  I marvel at my good fortune every day.   I did not realize that one of the best parts of being a mother is having great adult children in your life.    They are all smart, funny, kind, and if I may brag (it's Mother's Day - guess it's legal), pretty darn good - looking to boot!

When they were little, they always asked how I knew the answer to things they asked.  I told them it was because I was a smart woman, hoping that thought would carry me through the years when they wondered how I found my way home at night!   Now I'm happy to learn so many things from them.   I've seen them become responsible adults,  carry on difficult conversations with grace and style,  grab life and go at it full-on,  love and support each other, and still take time to call home to talk to their mother.  Plus, having three daughters guarantees that I won't be wandering around town  in some embarrasing outfit or with unfortunate grooming mishaps.  This is an important benefit, not necessarily obvious when they are toddlers!   Two sons - the oldest and youngest of the group- mean I have all kinds of technical and DIY advice.

Sometimes  I look back and wish I had done some things differently.  There are plenty of days I wish I could get a "do-over ",  and I am grateful that they all love me despite some rocky times.  

I know how lucky I am to have such great kids and I thank the universe for them every day.  Happy Mother's Day to me because of all of you.

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  1. I can assure you - we wouldn't want do-overs on anything! I have no idea how you shepherded 5 kids to functional adulthood without anyone ending up in the looney bin or the federal penitentiary. We had and have a lot of fun together, and I'm thankful for you - and your sacrifices (I'm sure I don't know the half of it) - every day! Love you, Mom!


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