Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Coastal Wreath

OK, so I'm supposed to be painting the stairs, but I'm finding all sorts of very important projects distractions.   I was inspired by a bittersweet and rose hip wreath from Design Sponge and took a ride up the coast yesterday to find supplies.  I so love roadside gardening!  The coast is beautiful in the fall - golden marshes, yellow rose leaves with big red rose hips and lots, lots lots of bittersweet.  I know bittersweet is considered a bad-boy, being terrible invasive and crowding out native trees and shrubs, but it's so dang pretty!

Here's my harvest:  rose branches with bright red hips , spindle that California Daughter spotted when she was home last year, some fluffy bush branches (technical name!), bittersweet, and milk weed pods.   I gave the pods a light spray of white paint so they would show up better but still look relatively natural..

Tied everybody together with twine and then a frayed bow made from an old fabric remnant.  Love my door embellishment!  With a change of ribbon and maybe some green or red branches added in later, this will work until spring.


Are you a roadside forager?

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