Monday, January 30, 2012

12 Months of Christmas Project - January

I love making things for Christmas.  I don't love making everything in a three week panic mode, so I was motivated to join in on the project dreamed up by Aileen of Aileen's Musings.   She has put out a challenge to make something for Christmas every month and share our creations at the project site.

January's color suggestion is white - perfect for the project I had in mind - a white torn fabric wreath.

I started with a sad little thrifted wreath.  Since it was so puny I wrapped some batting around it to fatten it up.  The white batting also ensured that any gaps in the fabric won't be obvious.  If your wreath is not white and you don't need to fatten it up, I'd suggest spray-painting it white so the wreath color won't be obvious.

I used a bottom-weight white fabric remnant (about half a yard)  as I wanted some substance to the strips.  Tear the fabric in strips about an inch wide.  I made mine about 8 inches long, but yours may need to be longer or shorter depending on how fat your wreath is.  Better to start with longer strips and then cut them smaller if you need to. 

This couldn't be simpler - take on strip and tie in on the wreath.  I double knotted the strips and kept alternating where the knot fell on the wreath - some towards the inside, some near the outer edge to make it fuller.  If you like a more organized look, place all the knots lined up, but that kind of control makes me nervous!

Make sure your fabric strips are are close together as possible so there aren't any gaps.  Once all the strips are tied on , trim so the ends are fairly even, but embrace the chaos  - no measuring!

Since this is a Christmas wreath, a little glitter is in order.  I randomly brushed a bit of glue and sprinkled on some silver glitter.

Tie on a strip of fabric to make a hanging loop and you're finished. 

One Christmas project done - I feel so noble!


  1. Your wreath turned out great! Thanks for sharing on the 12 months of Christmas site.

    Happy Creating,


  2. Great wreath Deb. Awesome way to repurpose! I especially love how you turned the crown upside down on your keep calm sign. I just may have to borrow that idea.

  3. @Aileen
    Thanks, Aileen! I'm hoping to keep up and limit my last-minute cray-cray!! Deb

  4. @-Lisa

    Thanks, Lisa. Now to keep it up every month! Deb

  5. This is such a great project! Recycled into something so pretty.

  6. Thanks, Kris! That's why we collect so darn much stuff- we see potential in all kinds of things. I LOVE the bench you made out of the old bed - how creative!



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