Saturday, January 7, 2012

Dismantling Christmas

By now, most normal people have stashed all their Christmas decorations.  Not me.  I like to extend the season as long as possible.  Sadly, the tree has to go this weekend.  It's just not possible to exhale in the same room without inducing a shower of pine needles.

I put decorations away in stages.  That might be like slowly ripping off a bandaid - just prolonging the pain!  A week or so after Christmas I pack away all the overtly Christmas-y things like Santas and card displays. 

Then I'm down to what I consider "winter decorations"- still festive, but not in the category of needing an intervention. Candles, red garlands and twinkly lights meet my definition of "winter decorations" that justifies  keeping them around longer. There's a house I drive by that has what I call the "pile it on" approach to seasonal decorations.  They just keep adding stuff for the next holiday season to the existing scheme, so the fall scarecrow sits near the snowman who's now holding a big Valentine heart!  Thankfully I have daughters who would step in if I start to go down that road.

Twinkly little white lights and window candles - that's another story. They are not going anywhere until it stops getting dark at 4:30 in the afternoon. 


  1. Funny about the Christmas decorations! I, too, leave the up as long as possible - the 13 foot live tree still stands proudly in my living room and will not come down until NEXT weekend! I have a snowman tree that stays up until March and a blue and brown tree that will stay up until around the same time (good thing they are artificial trees)! I say enjoy as long as possible - Christmas decorations are one of life's small pleasures!

  2. Thanks, Kat! I confess - I didn't really take the tree down until yesterday - I just couldn't do it ! I agree that we should savor life's small pleasures. Full speed ahead and let the haters be damned - ha!

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