Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Granddaughter Love

The idea that no one is perfect is a view most commonly held by  people with no grandchildren. 
                                                ~ Doug Larson

So I'm asking for your indulgence while I do some grandparent bragging.  Since our granddaughter was born,  I've become like those over-adoring grandparents I used to mock!   I am her Yaya, a name to adopted from the Yaya sisterhood book, not realizing it was what Greek children called their grandmothers (and spelled differently).

While Montana is lovely, we don't go for majestic mountains; we go to visit our daughter's family that includes our darling granddaughter.  This year we got to celebrate her fourth birthday, watch her first ski lesson and her first successful face-in-the-water with goggles, have some serious craft time and just enjoy her exuberance, her laugh and her serious cuteness!

Here we are making Valentines with a potato stamp.  She loves art projects so I have an excuse to buy even more art supplies!

Ski lesson at Bridger Bowl.  What a trouper - 4 years old and powered through an hour and a half lesson!  She was happy to hitch a ride with Grandpa back to the lodge, but lobbied hard to "go down the steep part!".

And the Birthday Girl.  Her mom is amazing - had fourteen four year-olds for the party and pulled it off with charm and style!  She planned art activities and games , fed all the kiddos, and had them decorate their own little cakes. It all went off without a hitch and without any tears or fighting (kids OR adults - ha!).

Showing off feather-decorated butterfly wings ( wings from Michael's).  Little girls love glue, so we had fewer feather-escapees than you'd expect!

On an artsy note, Montana Daughter and I made the puffs from  Martha Stewart  We used an entire package of tissue paper for each one and made different design cuts along the edge of each one to mix it up a bit.

We're so glad we can get to see our little sweetie, but she's too far away!  Whenever she asks "Yaya, why do you live so far away?" I tell her that she should ask her parents that very question!

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