Wednesday, February 22, 2012

We just spent some time in Montana with our daughter , SIL and  sweet granddaughter.  The Captain booked a romantic Valentine's Day get-away at Chico Hot Springs. He even had flowers delivered  - what I guy!  I have good memories of Chico; we've been swimming there with our granddaughter several times.  And once a real Montana cowboy asked me to dance with him at the saloon - a first for me on several counts!

We stayed in The Caboose, an honest-to-goodness caboose situated on a ridge above the hot springs.  I wasn't sure what staying in a caboose would be like and never expected this:

The caboose was moved to the ridge in 2004 and gussied up for visitors.  I'd describe the decor as "Upscale Western Bordello" - beautiful cherry floors, antique furnishings, leaded glass windows, and  red-flocked wallpaper (that's the bordello component!).  The bathroom was lovely - complete with a heated tile floor:

The view  wasn't too shabby, either:

No visit to Montana is complete without a glimpse of elk.  These big guys were headed up the mountain past the caboose:

Elk are fine; bears - not so much!

Checked off the Bucket List - and all at Chico:  swam in hot springs, danced with a cowboy, slept in a caboose.

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  1. Love your photos, and may try to visit there myself. Pretty sure those are mule deer and not elk though. I live in a Colorado valley where we get hot and cold running mule deer year round and the occasional elk.


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