Sunday, April 29, 2012


We're big fans of brunch; so much so that The Captain jokes that we worship at the Church of Saint Benedict.  What's not to like about brunch - lazy breakfast with multiple options, some alcoholic beverage usually included, then a slow slide right into lunch fare and the desert table finale.  One of our local spots has the Chocolate Fountain of Goodness - sort of a throw-back to the tacky 80s, but not gonna lie, love strawberries that have been under that fountain!

This morning we had The Captain's brother and his wife for brunch.  Since my SIL is a fan of the brunch buffet, I decided to have some fun with it and create a buffet experience for her.  I spread out the food on our bar and made little tents to identify everything.  Sadly,  no Fountain of Goodness!

The egg strata is an easy brunch dish - assemble it  the night before and just bake in the morning.  Recipe from Smitten Kitchen and available here.  It's easy and versatile - I've added mushrooms, peppers and topped with tomato slices.  You can add sausage, bacon, or ham (or all three if you really like the salted pork products!) and switch out the cheeses to what you have on hand or like.

I saw the waffle cookies - Boot Tracks-  on Huffington Post.   Yummy little chocolate bites with a hint of coffee.

And a totally non-brunch-related photo of little spring bouquets from our gardens.  Hsappy  Mimosa-in-your-cup  Sunday!

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