Thursday, April 26, 2012

Checkbook Cover

Back in LBDC (life before debit cards), I was pretty fussy about my checks and checkbook cover.  Since I I hardly ever write checks anymore, my checkbook lives a lonely life in the bottom of my bag and looks like it - tattered pages, torn cover - not a pretty sight to haul out in public. It was in serious need of an intervention.

Check out this artist paper in the latest issue of Somerset Studio:

I always forget the "before" picture.  I randomly stamped the green lace-y trim.

Then added some eraser-dots.  This is the easiest was to make small dots - dip a new pencil eraser in acrylic paint and dot away!  I sprayed a leftover piece of text page with Tattered Angels spray and punched out the flower.  I cut the paper to fit my checkbook and folded the edges to make flaps to hold the checkbook inside. 

Now to make the cover more durable - enter the pillow case bag dug out of my supply of saved bags:

I cut the bag to fit my paper cover ( with a little overhang to be trimmed after sewing) and clipped it to the right side of the cover to stabilize it for sewing.  Note the professional sewing clips!

I zig-zag stitched the two together, then flipped the top and bottom folds to the inside and zig-zagged them to make the pockets to hold the checkbook. 

 I added some free-form stitching to stabilize the paper and plastic sandwich. 

I love my new zero-cost cover!  Now my checkbook can sashay out in public with pride.

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