Monday, May 14, 2012

Cube Farm Dweller

I've spent the last three months at my temporary gig in a cube farm.   This is my last week on the farm and I'm ready to be let loose.  It's a good gig, but I've got lots on my agenda -  a trip to Scotland, family visits, gardening, art fun and sewing projects  to name a few.   Time to pack up my stuff !

A few arty doo-dads

My chair was pretty ratty, so I draped on old tablecloth and tied it in the back  - instant "reupholstery".  Shots of color are mandatory since cube farms are big on beige - lots of boring beige, bathed in the glow of fluorescent lighting.  I love how so many of my fellow farm-dwellers bring in color - there are lots of pashminas draped over walls and chairs to combat the beige-blahs.

No trees are being saved during this  project.  Used Post-It note art installation!

I'm really looking forward to attacking my growing list of projects. Bye-bye cube !

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