Saturday, May 12, 2012

The Pick of the Planet

It's May, and that means my annual pilgrimage to garden nurseries is in full swing.  When we moved here I fell in love with a unique nursery called "Garden of Eves".  Sadly, GoE closed up shop a few years ago.  Whenever I 'd drive by it, I'd wish my Montana Horticulture Daughter lived closer so she could open up a shop there.  That  didn't happen, but next best thing did - GoE is open,  reborn as "The Pick of the Planet" and being restored to all its  former funky glory! 

There's lots to love here - the store's name includes "specialty growers", so you won't see rows of the usual suspects here.   I love that I had to ask "what's this" and "what's that".  

The buildings are a large part of the charm .  This place makes a shabby-chic re-purposer swoon! 

Love this brick arch inside the big greenhouse.  Through that arch are all the babies waiting to be big enough to make it in the weather that is New England spring - unpredictable!  I'll be back to get some white tradescantia -a fuzzy whitish variation of wandering jew [which really needs a new common name!] and a  gorgeous red sweet potato vine.

Inside the main old building:

My favorite - the old, dilapidated green house, festooned with ivy-gone-wild:

As I was checking out Lynn asked if I was a gardener.  My response, " Well, I garden, but don't consider myself a gardener".   Gardeners are people that KNOW things!  Think I'll be learning all kinds of new things here - maybe even one day qualify !


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    1. Deb, It was so nice to meet you the other day. Thank you for such a generous post. You captured the essence of The Pick of the Planet beautifully. And you're a lover of Mary Oliver! The Peace of Wild Things is my favorite poem. We all look forward to seeing you again real soon. Happy gardening. Lynn

  2. Deb, I am so glad you enjoyed your visit and thank you for the kind words! It is gratifying to be appreciated and I hope you have been inspired to continue your exploration as a gardener. The only qualification is plunging your hands into the earth and planting!


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