Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Indoor Gardening

I don't have very many indoor plants.  My mother ran a hospice for terminally ill plants -  leggy African violets with a few leaves clinging to the end of six inches of gnarly stems, plastic pots on
mismatched saucers, and poinsettias dropping leaves in July.  I have a few plants, but once they start looking ratty, out they go.  It finally dawned on me the stores are full of new plants for a reason!

I found this beautiful pottery piece at a yard sale and knew I had to do something with it.  It's the perfect size for slices of baguette or little pots .  First up, little pots of succulents. 

I got some little terra cotta pots at Joannes and gave them a quick wash with diluted white paint so they picked up the white in the pottery.


 But since I might want to do the baguette-thing at some point, I want to keep the pottery clean.  I cut some pudding cups to go under the pots so there wouldn't be dirty standing water in the pottery.

Plopped in the pots and filled the gaps with some of the many (MANY) shells I collect.

Next project - rooting boxwood cuttings.   I saw this cute idea here.  (This blog is full of ideas for all kinds of lovely things - and you can translate it from Swedish with a link on the blog).

Cut-off plastic bottles make great cloches that help hold in moisture, and the opening means the cuttings won't rot from too much of a good thing.  I added some twine and a tag on one and some green fiber with some small metal embellishments to the other.  SO much nicer than wrapping the pot in a plastic bag!

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