Thursday, June 14, 2012

Tim Holtz Distress Ink Markers

I spent all Wednesday morning doing laundry, ironing and reorganizing our closet.  What better way to celebrate than with some new art supplies ?    I've been wanting to try the new Distress Ink markers, so made an emergency trip to my local craft store.   The makers are available in all the Distress Ink colors - I bought Bundled Sage, Chipped Sapphire, and Scattered Straw.  I love the beachy combination of blues and greens.

Like Distress Inks, the markers are water- based and blend without bleeding.  Check out the Tim's tutorial here.  (I need  want that water pen he uses!)  The markers have two tips -  a flexible  brush  and a fine point .  You can use them to color stamped  images or color directly onto the stamp and then stamp the image.

I started out by coloring stamped images.  I stamped these butterflies with archival ink (no running when wet) and  colored the butterflies, then used a fine paintbrush dipped in water to blend the colors.  It's amazing that the colors blend yet stay clear - no muddying!

Then I tried coloring directly onto the stamp,using all three colors.  The stamp looks pretty dry by the time you finish, but a good deep breath blown onto the stamp is enough moisture to revive the inks.

 Love these simple summer tags.  The colors are just gorgeous!  I feel like I'm doing cheater watercolor painting.

I rubbed the edges of the tags with coordinating Distress Inks and added stamped ocean-inspired words.

The coordinating tie was made by swiping Distress Ink pads (Lettuce and Broken China)  onto a craft sheet, spritzing the ink with water and  mopping it up with  the twill tape. 

I then used the same inked stamps to make a second image - another hot breath rejuvenated the marker inks for a second, softer image. 

I found some background papers I'd made  to use as mats on these quick and easy cards.

These markers are a great way to add color and change up the look of stamped images.  Pretty sure I need more colors!


  1. These are quite possibly my favorite products of the year as well. You have really showed how vibrant they are. If you have any Distress Ink, they make a very cool resist, and that's why I like them so much! Your projects are all amazing...good job and a fabulous use of your creative time!

    1. Thanks, Anita. I'll have to try the resist techinique - sounds intriguing. I love all the DIs!

  2. Fabulous! You need all the DIs!

    1. HA! I centainly would LIKE all of them!
      Thanks for stopping by.

  3. Love these summery tags and cards. The colors are just beautiful!

    1. Thanks, Lynn. Nothing says summer like shells and beachy-blue/greens.

  4. Hi - stopping by from Daily Plate of Crazy because I loved your comment about granddaughter being told she wasn't old enough for red. Perfect. And yes - a wise mother. I remember trying to wear blue eyeshadow when I was 14 and my mother telling me the same thing. Anyway - so glad I did - I love to dabble a little in art and you've convinced me I need these markers. What you've made is so pretty - I love the patina of them. I'll definitely be back - or maybe hang around a bit now.

  5. These tags and cards are just beautiful. They look fresh and light and classic. (And make me miss my New England roots...)


    As for what Barb said (above) - I get the impression this is a cool place to hang around. (Now you have me pondering markers!)


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