Saturday, June 23, 2012

Origami Money Heart

The bride and groom really just want cash, but just stuffing a bill into a card doesn't seem very festive. Not that anyone complains about a crisp green bill falling out of a card.  I remember a birthday party for a very young nephew; while opening his first gift, a card, he announced, "What, no money"?!

I found this lovely card at The Croft Studio on the Isle of Skye in Scotland - perfect since the groom can trace his ancestors to Scotland.

I saw the money heart on Pinterest - detailed instructions here.  Since I am not an expert at precise folding , I did a couple of practice ones with dollar bills so the crisp gift bill wouldn't have all the "do-over" folds!   It was much easier to fold the new bill as the crisp paper held the creases better.  You could  make this with patterned paper as an embellishment- fun for a valentine card.  After the heart was folded I weighted it down with heavy books to flatten it. 

I glued on a piece of sparkly mulberry paper and attached the heart with a clear silicone dot.  The dot rubs off without tearing the money.

Moolah with style!

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  1. You are just so full of creative ideas. This is great for giving $$ in a card.


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