Thursday, September 6, 2012

Thrifted Things

I've been scoring with some thrifted finds lately.  I also made a great discovery at the Salvation Army - more on that later.

I love finding art supplies on the cheap - card stencils, fibers and ink jet transparencies. A new Lands' End belt that will be cut down to make a belt for best-ever-granddaughter, plus a sweet little dress.
The shoes are a find - brandie-new Lands end flats.  I have a green pair just like these and they are so comfy.
A thrift store lesson that we've all heard - check everything that you like, regardless of the size on the label.  These brand-new with tags Ann Taylor pants are clearly mislabeled.  I've been moving down the size range, but not this far!  They looked they'd fit and they did .  I think sometimes things end up at thrift stores because of incorrect labeling, so lesson learned - if it looks like it fits, try it on.  Of course, this is most rewarding when the number is LOWER than what you'd  usually wear! Otherwise, we'd have to cut that pesky size tag right out.
More art supplies - canvas boards, watercolor book for play and fun Mary Englebreit stamps.'
And  a sideways shot  (thank you, Blogger!) of paints, chipboard shapes and more drawing stuff .  During my collage class, I was bemoaning my lack of drawing skill and Claudine was very emphatic: "EVERYONE  can draw"!  She knows a lot; not sure she's right on this one, but I'm exploring.
Brand new Vintage Studio skirt and Chico's tank.  Here's my discovery - the folks at the Salvation Army don't understand Chico's sizing, 0-4.  Apparently they think it's like 1X,2X, etc., so this nice size 1 tank was in the large-size section.  You're welcome.  This probably explains why I've never found any Chico pants at the SA - now I know where they're hiding.
 Another Chico find - a linen top good for fall.   I'll wear it as a jacket with something white underneath.  Boston Daughter thinks it would work open and belted - I may give that I whirl.
And finally, a NWT (new with tags, in eBay-speak) Ralph Lauren V-neck and a NWT Banana Republic skirt.  This outfit at a real store is about $100 - mine for $11.00.
Happy thrifting!


  1. Wow. You're good!

    I wouldn't have thought to look for art supplies at a thrift store. Great idea.

    I admit, I don't go in search of thrift stores much, but I am Queen of shopping the sales... Your labels reminded me that about a month back I picked up an Ann Taylor classic button down blouse (gorgeous), normally priced at $68.

    The low low oh-so-sigh-worthy sale price for the one that remained in my size? $7.99.

    I wear it and beam...

    1. Thanks, BLW. Nice score on the AT blouse. I can so appreciate the added pleasure in sporting a serious bargain. I have to stop myself from making the "and I only paid ----" announcement - not always successfully.

  2. What a find! I've been fortunate to find some nice stuff lately but you really scored big. I've picked up some craft supplies at consignments but not at thrifts. I'll have to check that out more.


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