Monday, September 10, 2012

Glassware in the Garden

("No success like excess" lawn decoration seen in rural Maine)
I've blogged about embracing some art in the garden.  I'm experimenting with adding some without becoming known as " you know, that crazy lady with all the stuff in her garden".   When I heard that The Captain has a cousin who makes lawn art from thrifted glassware, I knew I needed one (OK, maybe two).  What's not to like - creative fun, thrifted treasures given a new life, and buttons!

Check out these beauties.  Dinner plates, candle holders, small ash trays, little desert cups glued together to make these fun pieces.  She even adds buttons in the centers of some.  It was hard not to take them all. 

I settled on this one. It's on the smaller size - about 6 inches wide and adds some zip to this hosta.  The copper pipe pole will take on a nice patina in time, making it blend in with the foliage.

And this one.  Love the fluted plate, the light green embossed one and the little ash tray center.  Good use for those - glad we hardly ever seen them used for cigarettes anymore.  They were a staple in my house growing up and look so much nicer in the garden.
Love my repurposed dinnerware ornaments.


  1. oh my how fabulous.....and unusual!!

  2. This is very cool. I was in Florida a few months back, in an old town. Some of the gardens included the most delightful assortment of objects. So whimsical!


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