Monday, February 18, 2013

"Found" Art Supplies

I recently spent an entire week clearing out my art space.    It turns out that I am

I sorted through everything and it's the first time I ever divested myself of some of my paper stash.  I sent one stack to Goodwill and have one packed in my suitcase for Montana granddaughter.  She is a serious budding artist and always needs supplies.  Here she is making great art:

I had a couple of sheets of alphabet stickers and popped out the letters so they'd be easier to store (and find!).  But look at what was left behind.

 I see stencils!  I made some sprays with a few drops of ink and water and spritzed it on journal pages.  I had previously swiped on some gesso on these pages, so you'll see some cool texture as well.

 I wanted to let the design, texture and colors be the focus on this page, so I kept it pretty simple -a few stamps and  some punched out paper scraps from scrap papers I keep on my desk and off-load the paint left on brushes and used ink left on stamps.

 I sprayed a few more pages in my journal and can't wait to play with them.


  1. That is really cool. I will try this too. Maybe I will use old A4 white paper to make some pattern for now. Thanks for sharing this mate.

  2. So pretty, Deb! There's nothing quite so deliciously tactile (and intimate) as a journal. I've always written in my journals, but my artistic son doodles and plans and sketches in his, now more than ever, as he studies architecture. He always has some sort of small sketchbook/notebook/journal with him - to catch an idea or an image.

    Thank goodness there are still uses for and love of paper and making things with and on paper. (And yes, I still cling pleasurably to my "real" journals as well as my "real" books, even with all the writing and reading I do on the Internet.

    Why not both?


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