Sunday, February 24, 2013

Shoes - Another Obsession

Hello; my name is Deborah and I am a shoe addict. 

I've passed the phase of wearing uncomfortable shoes just because I liked how they look, but I'm not ready to embrace "old lady" shoes.  Apparently as we age, the fatty pads on the bottoms of our feet thin out, making for more foot pain.  (Mother Nature is so cruel - really - thin out the fat on the bottoms of our feet? Seems like there are more important spots crying out for thinning).  So the challenge is to find shoes that are comfortable, yet don't make us look like we've just given up.
If I could walk stand in these, I would take out a loan for these $775 Laboutins.  I love the signature red leather wrapped sole and heel and the platform.  No need for the loan since I'm pretty sure I couldn't manage two consecutive steps in these beauties.
No, my shoe preference is something low, something with some cushioning - and is it too much to ask for some pizazz as well?   I found these shoes and they meet all my requirements:


These Skechers are only $60, come in taupe, too (also bought those) and just found the closed toe version - got those in black, too. It's a serious case of "If the shoe fits, buy it in every color"!  These are about the most comfortable shoes I've ever worn and cute enough that women have stopped me to ask where I got them. 
Can we talk clogs?  I've worn various versions of clogs for decades.  Last year I found these Dansko clogs.  The sales clerk asked if I'd ever worn clogs; I resisted the urge to sound like a Certified. Old. Person. and tell her I was pretty sure I was wearing clogs before she was born!
Now for the winter pair:

Then, last week, an unfortunate event that meant I needed, NEEDED a replacement pair of shoes.  Finn decided to show his displeasure at being left alone all day by chewing up my bang-around -the-house shoes.  I've been wanting these for  ages, and used this excuse opportunity to buy them:
I told the sales clerk that my black floral Dansko clogs (above) were pretty tight across the top of my foot, even though they are the same size as the Sanita patent ones.  She said that since clogs (both Sanita and Dansko)  are handmade, so it's always good to try on several pairs of the same size as there might be small variations in fit.  Good to know.

I did a little research about the difference between Sanita and Dansko clogs.  It turns out that originally Dansko was the US distributor of Sanita clogs made in Denmark.  Then in the late 70s, Sanita decided to be their own seller in the US and Dansko started making their own clogs. (I"ll spare you the boring details of the protracted legal battle).   The stapling of the uppers to the sole is the same for both manufacturers.  The newer Dansko lines have a slightly wider foot bed and heel, designed to make them a bit more stable.  If you've ever done the ankle-turn while wearing clogs, this might be an important consideration.

I'm also a fan of Privo - these are the ones Finn decided to chew:
These are were my third pair of Privos.  They are my go-to everyday shoes - I don't feel like a total schlep if I wear these out of the house.
Add in flats in many styles and colors, sandals and summer flip-flops, a pair of cowboy boots and you get an idea of my shoe collection.  
Now - what  should be next  on my "I really need these" list?  Maybe another pair of Privos ?

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