Sunday, March 10, 2013

Day Light Savings Time and A Clock Art Installation

(An ATC I  made for an online challenge)
Here in the dark, frozen tundra that is New England, some of us are giddy with the return of daylight savings time.  It was light until after 6 p.m. tonight - so much better than the 4:30 lights - out of our interminable winter.
We were in Montana for our granddaughter's 5th birthday last month- here is the sweet birthday girl.
In addition to birthday festivities, skiing, swimming in hot springs and examining dinosaur bones, we squeezed in a trip to World Market.  I found some fun wall clocks that I thought would make great wall art.  Today with its focus on time seemed the perfect day to install our new clocks.  Montana Daughter convinced me that I needed these clocks and she started me off with the one on the top left. 

These faux French vintage clocks are so much fun.  I love the pocket watch look with the loops on top.

I admit to an unhealthy need to know the time.  For years I wore one of those watches with a light and I'd check the time when I woke up during the night.  Pitiful, I know.  I have stopped wearing a watch to bed, but I check the time if I get up during the night and as soon as I get up in the morning.  I used to work with a woman who never worn a watch and claimed not to be a slave to the time. Yet she would ask me the time several times a day and insisted I  put my watch on the table between us during meetings.  I own my obsession proudly.


Montana SIL asked if I was going to set them all to different time - like the various time zones where our kids live.  While that's a fun idea, clocks set to different time would drive me batty, so the clocks are boringly set to our current time. 
Happy Day Light Savings Time and Happy More Day Light!


  1. I have a clock with lit up time on it, placed where I can see it from my bed! You are not alone when it comes to needing to know the time.

    It sounds a lovely birthday trip, such a sweetie.

  2. Maureen-A kindred spirit in many ways - ha! You'd think with all that time watching I'd be right in top of things.
    The birthdyabwas fun- hard to believe she's already five!

  3. I love your clock display! (I have a thing for chairs and (well, um, yes)... shoes.

    I think the clock obsession is probably the better choice! And here's to that extra hour of daylight but I don't know about you - I have yet to recoup that lost hour of sleep. Dragging... all... week...


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