Friday, March 22, 2013

Make Your Own Sunshine

I'm pretty sure the best part of winter is spring.  Not that we've seen much of it here in New England; we've had two big snow storms this month, just when we are desperate for green grass, flowers and warmth.  Who am I kidding ?  I'd settle for no snow, temperatures above 40, and sunshine.
Sometimes you  have to make your own sunshine.  I did just that in a new journal page:
I started with my "found stencils" sprayed with orange, red, and yellow homemade sprays, and then added some stamping.  The sun's rays are made with washi tape and pieces of artist paper from my Somerset Studio magazines.  I like using a white gel pen to add some pop.
Tulips - a girl can dream - right?   I read somewhere that putting a penny in the vase extends their life.  It seems that copper (try to find pennies minted before 1982) acts as a natural fungicide and keeps the tulips happily standing upright and fresh longer.  I usually remove some of the bigger leaves and always cut about an inch off the stems so they take up more water. 
Tulips and homemade sunshine - works for me!

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