Sunday, March 24, 2013

Thrifting for a Cause

I went to a great used clothing sale yesterday, sponsored by Clothes for Hope, a charity founded in 2011 by then- teenage Lauren Sundrstom to raise money for schools in Ghana.   Last year's clothes sale raised $23,000 for Ghanaian schools.  Clothes that weren't sold were donated to local shelters and organizations, benefiting local North Shore communities.
This was a serious second- hand (or as Clothes for Hope advertises ,"gently worn clothing") shopping, not for the faint of heart or those who prefer not to navigate crowds of shoppers with their arms full of loot.  No, it was police directing traffic, parking at a premium, and crowds of shoppers in a large warehouse full of great clothes and accessories.  All the clothes were in excellent condition,great brand names,  no tacky nothing - it WAS in Newburyport, after all!  Prices were really reasonable - most kids clothes were between $2 - $6 and adults $8-10.
The long line at the check out moved quickly and the volunteers were clearly having a good time, commenting on all the  lucky scores!  Interesting organizational strategy - all purchases were bagged into large shopping totes donated by Marshall's, (no one was allowed to use their own bags), so the volunteers at the door knew you had paid as long as your stuff was in the Marshall's bag.
And now to my finds:

A sweet Mini Boden dress, sparkly play shoes, and a sundress for Montana granddaughter.
A spring purple shirt for The Captain
A fun necklace.  My girls wear really big necklaces, so I'm trying to keep get with it.
A tie-front Ann Taylor sweater
A fuzzy pic of an LL Bean pea coat
And, the piece de resistance, this Cole Haan bag. This continues my luck with pricey bags at thrift store prices! It is actually more turquoise than it looks in this picture.  I love turquoise, but it's not a color I'd feel comfortable wearing much, so this bag is the perfect punch of color for me.
Pristine inside, with a phone pocket and a clip for keys - whooee.  Is it possible I won't be scrounging around the bottom of this bag for my keys?
The sale runs again today - I'm trying to convince myself I don't need to go again - or do I??


  1. Love the tie-front sweater! And so jealous of your handbag finds! Great haul!

  2. ADORE the bag! Great finds, I do find it hard to negotiate crowds of bargain seekers but it can be worthwhile.

    Next Saturday, here in Chichester, there is a vintage fair in the Assembly Rooms, the sort of place where Lizzie Bennett met Mr. Darcy for the first time. I shall be there and seeking lovely items.

    1. Oh, Maureen, that sounds lovely! I love looking at vintage things, wondering about the stories behind the treasures. Have fun and good luck. maybe even spot a Mr. Darcy , although I think those are very rare indeed!



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