Saturday, April 27, 2013

On the Road Again

Road trip !  California Daughter is moving from LA to Austin and she's asked me to drive out to Austin with her.  Lucky me!!  We're excited to explore the Southwest and have another mother-daughter adventure. 
This will be our second big road trip.  In 2007 we drove 3,120 miles (well, she drove and I sat in the passenger seat ) from her apartment in Boston to UCal Davis where she was about to start law school.  We had lots of fun exploring, talking, laughing, and  passing the time listening to A Confederacy of Dunces- "O, Fortuna, you desperate wanton".  So glad I apparently behaved well enough to get invited on a second trip!
Here are a couple of pages from an altered board book of our trip:

California Daughter's house is pretty empty since all her furniture is already on its way to Texas  (well, except for just enough stuff so her husband doesn't have to sit and sleep on the floor until he joins her in Austin), so we'll be heading east shortly after I get to LA.  Last time we went out in a baby Penske truck that California Daughter drove like a pro.  This time we'll be hitting the road in her Volvo- not so much of a challenge!
We're going  to see the Grand Canyon and The Painted Desert.  Check out where we'll be staying - El Tovar on the South rim of the canyon.   California Daughter is 6+ months pregnant, so no donkey rides down into the canyon this time!
And yes, we'll be getting some kicks here:

Plus I'll get to see her new house in Austin:
Stay tuned for scenes from the road!


  1. My husband drove route 66 - phoned me from a diner - you'll never guess where I am, route 66! Have a lovely trip.

  2. A road trip is such an adventure! This sounds wonderful.

  3. Well you will have another passenger with you---that will be me! That is ...a virtual passenger. Be safe and make some great memories. Can't wait to see more pics Deb!


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