Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Boston Strong


We love Boston.  We love being less than an hour away from this great city. We spent  Sunday there celebrating our Boston daughter's birthday.
She called Monday afternoon from Boylston Street where she was watching the runners: "Mom, something bad just happened here at the marathon.  I'm OK, but it's bad".   Frantic searching for news led me to horrific images ; I wish I could unsee the picture of a blood-stained Boylston Street.
I am so very grateful that our daughter is safe and whole.  I cannot image the sadness and pain of the many families who were not so fortunate. 
It is too easy to begin to wonder about humanity and how much evil it takes to do such a cowardly deed.   It's too easy to think that the world is full of bad people.  Then I saw this on Facebook and took a deep breath:
Thank you, Mister Rogers, for still helping us be better people.  Now when I watch the news I focus on the helpers, the good people rushing in to help.  There are more of them than of those who would kill innocent people. We see what we're looking for, and I want to look for  goodness and hope.  There was plenty of that to be seen yesterday in Boston.
We were talking about the tragedy at work and someone mentioned the Newton shootings and named the killer.  A young woman with a degree in criminal justice stopped the conversation cold:  "Don't ever say his name.  Never give status to the bad guy.  Remember the victims, say their names, but never say the name of their killer.  Don't memorialize them by remembering their name".   More good advice.
And thank you Yankees for singing Sweet Caroline today. 

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  1. I hear you and understand, on all counts. Incomprehensible. And those helpers will always be there, yes. Remarkably.



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