Monday, April 15, 2013

Playing with Gelli

It's been a while since I played with my Gelli plate.  I've been seeing the fantastic things people are doing with their Gelli plates and decided to give mine a go again.

I used way too much paint on my first attempts, so this time started with just a few drops.  Turns out my brayer had some dried lumps of paint on it, so I got some weird, inadvertent texture. I've since cleaned it off- every thing is a learning experience!


I found these cool foam stencils for $3.99 in the kids' section at Joanne's. Not sure what they are for, but they are perfect for Gelli printing!  Roll on the paint, lay down the stencil and pull it off, then lay down the paper to make the print.

I made a few prints on dictionary pages:

I've managed to muck up the right page of the last 2 journal pages!  This one was a doozy.  I wrote the quote directly onto the page - too black, too dark, writing looked weird.  I tried covering it with tissue paper and paint; now we've gone from bad to seriously worse.  Then used the stand-by rescue technique - covered the whole mess with gesso and pressed some big bubble wrap into it to mirror the circles on the other page. 

This time I wrote the words with water-color pencils and swiped a wet paint brush over it for a little color.
I want to spend lots more time with my Gelli plate! 

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