Sunday, June 9, 2013

Pinterest - Inspiration Overload

Don't get me wrong; I love Pinterest.  So many creative things, so much inspiration, so much information, such an efficient way to waste spend hours.  Problem: it's too easy to just keep pinning and not actually DO anything but drool over all the cool stuff everyone else is doing.

I have a new strategy for Pinterest -  Just Do It.   I'm trying to do one project a week from my boards.  If this doesn't work, I'll have to haul in the big guns - the thrift store strategy - can't buy one if you aren't willing to get rid of one.  That would mean  no more pinning unless there is some movement on the doing.   I'm trying to avoid that drastic approach!

So, when I saw this pin, I knew I had my Just Do It project:

Check out this blog for all kinds of great garden inspiration
I love terra cotta pots and the saucers - oy, do I have a thing for the saucers!   A quick project that doesn't require new supplies ?  Sweet!!
I hauled out all my pots and saucers and just started stacking them until I got an arrangement that I liked. 
I'm really glad I didn't throw away the top of my broken terra cotta pumpkin - it makes the perfect topper to my tower.  The bottom circular pot has a big chip, but it's hidden in the foliage.  Another benefit to this project - some of those old chipped up pots get a second life.


I found a few tiny pots at a yard sale to top off this one.

Aren't these fun?

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