Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Yard Sale Treasures

Yippee! It's yard sale season !   The Captain is a good sport, getting up early, making to-go coffee, and being driver and hauler of treasures.  In my experience yard sales  follow the rule of extremes - either lots of great stuff at reasonable prices or yucky, tacky stuff wildly overpriced.  My rule is to "shop up" - find great neighborhoods and usually they are selling  great stuff to make room for even better stuff.   We make a morning of it and usually end up at the farmer's market where The Captain gets rewarded for his patience with some breakfast treat.
We hit a couple of great sales this weekend.  As soon as we drove up to the first house and I saw some great architectural elements in the gardens, I started hyperventilating.   It was a sale of possibilities - broken bits of old furniture, pieces of architectural elements, gears, wheels and rust - lots of lovely old rust.
Here are my treasures and their new incarnations:

 The swirly cast iron pieces are now part of the deck décor:
This sweet chair back, complete with lots of detail and old chippy green paint looks at home in one of the gardens.

Not really sure where this chair will live, but it's in great shape, was only $10, and has potential - a new seat cushion, maybe even a new color and it will be a star.

I love Bennington Pottery.  We used to live dangerously  close to their factory store.  Of course I could not resist this gorgeous greeny-blue set - and only $1.00.  I'm enjoying my morning cup of joe in the hand-painted china mug from Germany.  It was  pricey - $3.00 !
And pretty sure you can't have too many ocean-inspired dishes:
But, the piece de resistance - a terra cotta cloche pot. I've been scouring online for one, inspired by some I saw in gardens we visited in Scotland:
Turns out they aren't that easy to find, and most are considered "vintage", which we all know is code for  "we can charge even more for these".   I'm at the yard sale where I got the garden goodies and while digging through old terra cotta pots,  look what I found:
Did you hear me squealing?   Holy moly, what a little beauty and clearly the find of the day - maybe even the year.  Oh, and it was $5.00 - I'm a lucky ducky for sure.

I have it settled into a spot that I can see from my rocking chair, so I can gaze on it every morning, drink my coffee, and marvel at my good fortune!  It's so sweet I almost don't notice  that the garden could use some weeding.

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  1. Oh what fun! Yard sales can be such a pleasure, especially when you head home with treasure!


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