Monday, March 24, 2014

Letterpress-Inspired Tags

I love making tags, especially the Tim Holtz style ones that have 47 steps, use oodles of supplies and require an emergency trip to Joanne's for a special tool/ink/stamp you may never use again.  But I wanted to make some tags for people who have the "less is more " sensibility.

Here are some really simple tags, inspired by the clean lines and simple on the elegant stationery at Letterpress.  Turns out that one simple stamped image can make some sweet tags.

Grungy clock image tags would be perfect for a man-gift.

I cut these cold-press water color paper tags out with the  Tim Holtz tiny tabs and tags die and lightly embossed the vintage flower image.  I inked and embossed the reinforcers ( also in the die) as well.

This is a big background stamp, again lightly embossed.

And my favorite pear stamp.

These cute little circle tags are also in the die.  Love how the red ones look like Christmas tree ornaments.

These would be perfect for homemade food gifts.   

The Captain's step - dad, a crusty old New Englander  who embraced grungy well before it was chic, once cracked us by announcing that the neighbor's Christmas decorations were , "simple, but elegant".  Think that assessment works for these tags.


  1. These are absolutely wonderful. I adore tags with texture and design (especially if recycled paper); you have the feeling of the personal touch. It's so much more pleasure - whatever the gift.

  2. Thanks! I think the packaging is an extension of the gift , plus it can turn an ordinary gift into something special.


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