Saturday, April 12, 2014

Bloglovin PSA

Change is so darn difficult !  Since Google Reader was murdered, I've been reading my blogs on Bloglovin and like the format.   But I never got around to adding mine so someone out there could find and follow me.  It just seemed so complicated. 

But like most of the things I whine about, it's not really all that bad.    I found this  tutorial here - with easy instructions and screen shots.  No need to recreate the wheel, so check it out .

This code has to be in the blog post to make it work, so here goes:

="">Follow my blog with Bloglovin
Once Bloglovin' recognizes this code, add the Bloglovin button and DONE.  

The Borg will be happy, or at least  they'll be what passes for happy with Borgs.

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