Tuesday, April 29, 2014

DIY Bathroom Light Rescue

We have the ugliest light ever (at least I think it's the ULE) in our downstairs bathroom.    Builder-grade Hollywood style - lots of original thought and expense went into this selection.    I forgot to take a before shot of my light, but here is a similar one.    Purdy, isn't it?    

I saw a few upgrades on Pinterest and decided to see what I could do with mine.  This project fit my DIY question: " Can I make this any worse"?   If the answer is "no", full-speed ahead.  I mean, really - how could this get any worse?   My actual light has the added benefit of several different types of bulbs, including one that's burned out - fancy!

For starters, I sanded the light and rings.  Then to class it up a bit, I boxed in the base by hot-gluing  thin moulding strips to the base.  I even managed to cut a piece myself with my handy-dandy $6.00 mitre box .   

I primed it with Kilz primer to make sure the paint would adhere well to the metal base.  I painted it with Martha Stewart Cast Bronze metallic paint.

Now for bulbs - I want something more interesting that the usual bulbs.  I saw some on Pinterest with those lovely amber vintage bulbs, but since that much vintage wouldn't work in my room, I went with these:

The clear bulbs still have the cool  filament that glows  when lit.   These are some pricey bulbs at nearly $9.00 a pop.  The man at the customer service desk at Home Depot gave me a 10% discount ( love my Home Depot guys), and since this was a  nearly no-cost upgrade, I splurged . 

Here is my new light fixture, builder-grade metal backing, rusty spots, and mis-matched bulbs vanished.

No more bathroom light hate.  I love this new look.

And don't you wonder how we managed in LBP (Life Before Pinterest)?

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