Friday, May 23, 2014

A Garden Tour

Spring is Nature's way of saying,  "Let's party" !

~  Robin Williams

It's (finally) spring and the flowers in my gardens are having a party.  Spring is all about watching things come to life in the gardens (and mourning some that didn't).

I love Bleeding Hearts.  I added three to the garden outside the front door- right in my line of sight while I have my morning coffee.

Solomon's Seal - another favorite.  Maybe I have a thing for delicate, hanging blossoms.

Basket of Gold- I have visions of this taking over and spilling over the wall.  So far that's all it is, a vision.

Talk about taking over and spilling over the wall - I have a love/hate relationship with Ajuga Reptans.   I think it's the Reptans part that's a problem - this is an aggressive spreader.  While I love the upright bright blue blossoms, I should have been more careful where I planted it.  I'm digging it out and moving it on the hillside where it can take over.     Have to give this one credit for determination; it's even coming up between the stones steps and the driveway!

This Spotted Dead Nettle is also a determined  spreader, but I have it somewhere that it can do its thing without taking over other plants.

This azalea used to live in another spot  and did nothing.  We moved it out front and it seems pretty happy.  (Yes, that's more ajuga in the background!).

Coral is not my color, but this flowering quince blooms with gusto, so I let it stay.

I love Forget-Me-Nots.   So blue, so happy and so willing to drop seeds and spring up all over.

Spring - the wonderful season that (almost) makes me forget winter.


  1. Deb! Love your garden, I'm so jealous. That is one thing I miss about living at home with a backyard - getting my hands dirty. The most excitement I get living in an apartment is growing cat grass for my fur babies, haha. Those pink bleeding hearts remind me of lady slippers. What a wonderful slice of floral heaven you have there :)

  2. Thanks, Steph! Cat grass growing is gardening plus feeding family - ha!


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