Monday, May 26, 2014

DIY Herb Markers ** Updated**

My herb pots needed identifying markers.  I came across a bag of old silverware while digging in the garage for my weeding gloves.    So stop the weeding and planting - we had a marker project emergency!

First step is to bang the spoons flat - easier than it sounds.  I started out with a rubber mallet that clearly didn't do it,.  Maybe you need Michelle Obama muscles to make it work.  Next up, a regular old hammer.  I wasn't able to get the spoons perfectly flat and without some hammer marks, but I'm good with the hammered metal look.   I pounded on both the front and back sides - it takes some serious pounding to get them at least this flat:

DC son bought a metal stamping kit for me and this was a first go at it .

You have to really pound hard on the stamp to make a good impression.  Think I was a bit too gentle on some of them - don't use the careful technique you'd use for rubber stamping - really pound on those stamps so yo get a deep, wide impression. Like rubber stamping, once you've made an impression, it's nearly impossible to line the stamp up again for a do-over.

I went over the letters with a black Sharpie to make the letters stand out.   Don't worry about getting marker on the rest of the spoon - just rub it off with a paper towel.  The ink stays in the stamped  impression makes the letters more visible.

This one was stamped on the handle .  The wobbly stamping adds something, don't you think?

I need some more practice with stamping on metal, but love my happy spoon markers.


DC son was home this weekend and figured out how to pound the spoons flat.   I had pounded them on the workbench in the garage; he pounded them on a small flat anvil and , voila, flat spoon bowl!

This may be why Montana Daughter dubbed him "the helpful child".

Still need to work on the wonky stamping, but getting closer!

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  1. Deb - These are amazing!! and how fun does that project look. Have you ever considered opening an Etsy shop? I would no doubt be your first customer :)


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