Sunday, July 27, 2014

Family Time **Picture Overload Warning ***

These past two weeks have been busy in the best way possible - kids (and a sweet Grand) were visiting from all over.   Texas Daughter and SIL  rented a nearby beach house and filled it with a rotation of  siblings, parents and friends.   Of the hundreds of pictures, we took,  here are some highlights.

Breakfast and watching airplanes take off at The Airfield Cafe.

Checking out the beach with Yaya.   I didn't know that Greek grandmothers are called yia-yia.  I took the name from The Divine Secrets of the Yaya Sisterhood and because I thought it would be easy for a little person to pronounce and because I think I'm too young {but clearly not} to be called "Grandma".

This is what grandparents do - feed kids ice cream and then lobster rolls for lunch.

Only fitting that Boston Daughter who has studied sharks hold the little  sharkie one.

Texas Daughter, SIL and grand baby William.

William takes to beach relaxing.

DC Son, AKA Uncle E and Katie at the beach house.

Moonrise from the beach house deck.

A spectacular clambake orchestrated by Boston Daughter.

This little guy just couldn't be any cuter!

Mastered the cabin ladder!

Texas in-laws came to enjoy beach fun and grand baby time, too.

Mother/ Daughter fun at the Stratham Fair.

And to top it off, William's one year old birthday bash.

I am grateful every day for our family and cherish every minute we get to spend together.   When the kids  were little, I told them that they could be anything they wanted  - I just never considered that they would be doing it so far away!   I am learning to savor the times we have together instead of focusing on the time we spend apart.  Learning - as in work in progress;  not really there yet!


  1. I can't believe that little guy is already 1!! I really feel like it was just yesterday you were showing me your daughter's blog and pregnancy photos. Time flies! He is so adorable - and after reading this post, I'm having lobster for dinner ;) PS. That moonrise photo is stunning!

    1. Thanks, Stephanie. Enjoy your lobster!


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