Sunday, July 6, 2014

This Week in the Gardens

I read some good advice on a gardening  blog (can't remember where or I'd happily give credit)- every morning go out in your gardens and just admire the show - no weeding,  no "I should move that plant",  no "what WAS I thinking?":  nothing negative, just bask in the beauty.  I've been doing that and it's a pleasure to just appreciate - colors, textures, flowers without feeling compelled to fix something.  

On one of my coffee-in-hand morning garden tours I realized that this advice is good for life in general - look for the beauty and goodness and ignore the rest.   Appreciating the things that work and make us happy are probably a better view.  This stamp sums it up:

Kraft paper background with swipes of gesso, washi tape, dictionary page strip and Distreess Ink stamped canvas garland.  The circles are the ones I made based on my lurking on the Documented Life Project site- so fun!

This is my judgement-free garden tour of the week:

There - no weeding, no pressure, no misgivings- just enjoying the view.


  1. Well this was the perfect Monday Morning read. That Henry David Thoreau quote is exactly right. Your garden looks fantastic to me, I can't wait to refer to your blog for garden inspiration once I have a yard!

  2. Thanks, Stephanie! Start with a couple of pots for now - that counts as a garden, too!


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