Monday, June 1, 2015

Vintage Journal Pages

Spring may have arrived in New England (although today's temperature of 47 degrees makes that questionable), so I've been busy with furniture painting and gardening projects.  I haven't been doing much in the art department except following (very loosely) the 2015 Documented Life Project,  an online group all about altering your journal/planner .  Every week there is a new challenge, either using a specific  technique  or supply.   The members are doing some wildly creative art.   I mostly stalk and don't always do the weekly challenge, but it's fun and I've learned lots from some accomplished mixed media artists.

Last week's challenge was to use cheesecloth:

I tea-dyed the cheesecloth to make a skirt for the mannequin.  I have used that stamp so many times - one of my favorites.  The background is a page from an herb catalog,  along with a napkin, and pieces from an old French envelope.   I mixed some gel medium with gold powdered pigment and glitter to add stencil interest.

Another page from a few weeks ago - this challenge was to use stitching.   I used to do lots of sewing; now my sewing machine is used for minor repairs, (clothes and boat sails!),  but mostly for sewing paper, so this challenge was perfect for me.

Somehow these decorated pages make using my planner more fun.

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