Sunday, July 12, 2015

Breaking News : A New Grand Baby

I've been in Austin for a few weeks for the arrival of this sweet baby James:

He is the little brother of William, who loves to hold him and shower him with drool kisses!

While James snoozed, William and I were busy.

Being silly

Driving fast

William is an early riser - like 5 a.m. early, so we got in some digger driving before the workmen arrived.

More early morning activity - painting, with careful color selection - "now I need blue".

Making muffins with the cutest helper .

And a shirt for 4th of July parade.

Dousing Grandpa with the water gun.

And taking my turn pushing the two cuties in their new stroller.  Austin heats up early, so we head out  early before it gets too hot.

James is a mellow little guy who loves to sleep on his people. Here he is  sleeping on his mom's legs - one of his favorite sleeping spots.

Sleeping on (and with) Grandpa is another favorite.

And of course, resting with his beautiful mom is his very favorite.

While I know it is the natural progression of things, seeing your daughter with her two babies is pretty amazing.  I am so fortunate that I got to spend time with them and welcome James to the family.   There were so many special moments, but having William call me, "Sweetie Pie" is at the top of the list!    

They live far away and do their best to help us stay connected - FaceTime, photo streams and lots of call - and tickets to visit.   Lord knows I've blabbed on and on  here several times about my struggle be more gracious about dealing with grown children living far away.   It takes effort on every one's part to stay connected and I'm happy that they work hard to include us in their lives.

The Austin family, with baby James' little head barely peaking out of his wrap.

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