Thursday, July 30, 2015

Miracle Journal Page

OK, so maybe this doesn't qualify as a miracle, but it is pretty darn close.   This is the third version of a page in my planner from June.  It started out with a great  idea - various bits of white and blue-green scraps,  and a bird from a napkin.   No picture, but trust me, it was a huge mess - random bits glued down that just did not work.   Brushed over some white paint to try to pull it together- still awful.

I could have just left it and moved on.  I've read all those inspiring words that every page isn't going to be fantastic, it's all a learning experience,  and just turn the page and forget it.  But I couldn't - it was just so hideous and it mocked me every time I opened my planner.

i saw this technique in Dian Wakely's book, Art Journal Courage for fixing what she calls "overwrought pages".  You draw a simple stem and leaves with black marker, right over all the goobery-ness.  Then paint around the stem and  leaves with white , then turquoise paint and voila, page rescued.  I did it - but remember all those random white bits and white paint ? I ended up with a stem of ghostly white leaves.  But I bet it would work well on more colorful pages, just not my mainly white one.

In a fit of pique, I tore off some under papers and glued them over all that mess.  Immediately things started looking up!  I sprayed on a bit of Dylusions ink and loved how some of the layers peeked through.  If I stopped right there, my page would be OK.

But I remembered this huge birdcage stamp from Inkadinkado.  Perfect !  Added some birds from the same set, a bit of text stamped in white, some text and circles.    Now this page has gone from the absolute worst to one of my favorites.   

The lesson in rescuing a god-awful mess?   Cover the dang thing and start all over.  Or, less eloquently:

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