Friday, October 16, 2015

Making Art in the Kitchen and the Studio


I haven't been making much art lately, but I have  been busy in a fall-frenzy of Suzy Homemaker domesticity.  Actually think there's art in this - making something beautiful is art, right?

Tomato sauce - frozen because I'm not a big fan of canning.  Recipe from A Way to Garden.

And apple butter from here.

The Captain has a grape arbor and this year was our first (small)  harvest.  Jelly recipe straight from the pectin box:

Then there was some play time with the Texas daughter and the grand boys - so much fun! Being a Yaya is the best gig ever.

Back to art -  I have been making a planner for next year (more on that later), and then there's this quick stitched card.   I used the tapestry ribbon as a base for sewing on the other scraps, then glued it to the text paper that was glued to the card front so no stitching shows through the back side.

I found the butterfly fabric label in those value bins at Michael's.   I love all the vintage-y goodness so I  bought them out.

Art is where you find it - kitchen goodies or mixed media fun.

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