Thursday, October 1, 2015

Planner Pages

My Moleskine  weekly planner has grown over the past nine months!  To be fair, this planner was never intended for all that I've done to it and it gets lots of points for just holding together.  That is some serious binding!   I love the size and the cover, but not the thin paper (again, not Moleskine's fault - it isn't advertised as a mixed -media journal).  But honestly, anything other than light pencil marks show through the next page, so you can imagine what paint, ink and sprays do.  I've gesso'd all the pages or done my work on a substrate and then glued it in.  I've learned to embrace the occasional bleed-through.

Here are a couple of recent pages, making the best of the limitations of super-thin pages.

I'm not one for spill-my-guts journalling, but sometimes you just need to put it on paper!  I wrote in the dictionary page with an embossing marker- using an exaggerated version of my handwriting and them embossed it with Distress embossing powder, making the writing essentially illegible.   Added bonus - great background texture,

One of the things I like best about art journaling/planner pages is the chance to use up bits and pieces that I can't bear to part with.   Take the red resist canvas mannequin - after I sprayed it with red ink and was admiring the pattern,  I dropped a black ink pad across the middle!   The French label salvaged my klutzy move, and now my mannequin has a good home.

I used Distress inks for the background on this - spread out on a craft sheet and spritzed with water and used like watercolors..

Everything is better with some postage and french text!

I was having one of those weeks, so this quote seemed appropriate.

Back to Moleskine - silly me, I thought it was pronounced as it's spelled - "mole- skin", with the final "e" silent.  Turns out the very fancy way to say it is "mol-a skeen-a", or "mole-skeen" but that seems a bit putting on airs, so  I pronounce it "my plan-ner" to avoid any confusion.

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