Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Year of the Doodle Update

I'm still loving this book.   Each day has a prompt or some starting artwork.  I usually follow the prompts, but sometimes go off on my own.  I added in some receipts to the day's trip to Boston to my whimsical flowers.

I cheated here - these faces were in a recent Somerset magazine.  I added some color and details  and this quote that worked with borrowed art.

I'm also following the DLP 2016 Unplanner group, but using this book as my planner.  Feb 1st DLP challenge was to let someone make a mark in your planner.   Since I am not really good at following directions, I used this page from an old French language text, so technically someone else did make these marks.  Don't you just love that handwriting?  A swipe of Gelato added some color.  I like using Gellatos in my journals because they don't add much moisture, so no buckling.  I just swipe on the color and spread it with a baby wipe.

The idea of the book is to practice doodling.   I've expanded that to include  lettering practice.  I do try to do some doodling, too.

Sometimes I use stamps, like this Tim Holtz coffee mug.

I spend lots of time in this book - I often go back in and add some doodling or color, and to be honest, sometimes have to cover up a disaster and start all over.   This is easily the best art book I've bought in a long time!

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