Thursday, June 23, 2016

Gelli Printed Tape Stickers

I've been playing in my art room, mostly making embellishments .    I saw this video on the Gelli Arts site and immediately gave it a go  - whoo-ee- what fun!

The technique is simple but genius.   Spread acrylic paint onto Gelli plate,  add marks with acrylic paint ,  leaving some areas unpainted,  letting each  paint application dry completely , then place packing tape over the painted design and lift off the painted design.  You then either dust the unpainted, sticky surface with pigment powder or press some text paper onto it or both.    Watch the video for details , but it's super easy.   Pretty sure you could use regular tape to get narrower strips or even a sheet of clear contact paper to get one huge sticker- more options to try.

So here is my painted Gelli plate.  This is different than regular Gelli printing - it is important to let each color dry completely before adding the next.    You will notice some areas that have no paint - also important.    Make designs, marks whatever on the dried paint, then let those marks dry completely.

Here are some of my fancy mark-making tools- a paper tube,  a silicone basting brush from the Dollar Store, a hand-made cork stamp, a whisk from the Dollar store , and the cap from an embossing marker.   

Packing tape strips laid down on the plate and lifted off - here they are in all their painty goodness.

And here they are after dusting the sticky side with Perfect Pearls - I used Blue Patina and gold.   I also stuck down a few strips of book paper.   The areas without paint take up the Perfect Pearls and provide a space to add some text (or sheet music) bits of paper.   The pigment powder will also fill in around the painted areas, adding a great shimmer.

I'm going to be cutting these into thinner strips and some shapes - such fun !

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