Tuesday, July 19, 2016

It's Been a Busy Summer !

It's been a busy few weeks around here - this wonderful event happened:

Our youngest son got married!  (More on that later!)  Lots of family events and festivities.

Amazing breakfast at Elmer's General Store in Ashfield, Massachusetts.

The Texas grands at their Cape rental.

Ice cream with our Montana Grand.

My sister came from Florida for the wedding and we hit the seacoast tourist spots.

What a wonderful few weeks!   Once the professional pics come in, I'll share some of the special, beautiful moments.   I didn't take many pics, wanting to savor each second without worrying about a picture composition and anyway, the few I did take are pretty blurry !  Shaking with love and excitement, I guess.


Fortunately the gardens just did their thing this year.  

Crookneck loosestrife - I love it even though it is seriously invasive.  I just pull out the ones that crop up where I don't want them .   I also discovered that planting them in a a bottomless pot sunk in the ground keeps them in check.

Japanese painted fern

The bees are loving the bee balm.

A late-blooming volunteer foxglove.

Echinacea - another favorite

Life is good!

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