Friday, October 21, 2016

Chamil Garden Stamps

My annual birthday art supply buying spree had to be changed since my favorite store closed!   Fortunately I saw these stamps that janethecrazy posted on  Instagram .   (Check her out - she does great  travel journals) .  

The detailed doodle stamps are a brand made in Japan - Chamil Garden. I  tracked some down on Nico Neco Zakkaya's  Etsy shop where she sells Japanese stationery, stamps, washi tape and other goodies.   It was such a treat to get a package from her store!

First, the envelope all decorated with tape and little stamped designs.

And inside, another envelope:

Look at this fantastic black glassine envelope with a hand-written label, decorated hole reinforcer and washi tape.

I carefully peeled off the washi tape as I opened the envelope and look what fell out -

a little plastic stick wrapped with extra washi tape !    I love the extra time put into all the details that make things special .

Back to the stamps - check out these beauties!

I just finished a major purge of my stamp collection,  but who could resist these?   The stamps are small - the tallish ones less than an  inch wide and the fat ones about about and inch and a half wide.    They look like they will be great as journal accents, but I had to try them out on some quick tags.

I rubbed  Distress inks on the tags ,  stamped on the designs, then added  some Tim Holtz phrase stickers and ric - rac ties.    I love the detailing in the stamps and the mix of images and text.

Isn't the Internet amazing ? A woman in New Hampshire finds stamps made in Japan and buys them from a seller in New York !

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