Saturday, October 8, 2016

Pumpkins Going Postal

Continuing my efforts to push the limits of the postal system,  I mailed pumpkins to the Grands.

My first idea was to use those little pumpkin buckets for hauling candy loot, but the opening is huge.  I found these carvable pumpkins, and the expert in all things pumpkin at the craft store assured me there would be plenty of room inside for treats.

The Captain helped with cutting off the tops.  While these little guys are carvable, they are not easily carvable, and it took some extra muscle and hand strength to cut off the cap.

But look at all the room inside !   I was able to fit in trucks for the boys and a full-size jar of Wilton fall cookie decorations for Montana granddaughter with plenty of room for extra goodies.

I lined the pumpkins with some tissue paper from my stash and then tucked in goodies - chocolate eyeballs, blinky rings,

pumpkin tattoos,  M&Ms, bead bracelet kit and chocolate ghosts.

I used some plastic decorative tape to hold it all together.   I wouldn't trust paper washi tape to hold stick,  but the plastic tape held securely.   I did use packing tape to hold on the labels.

And here they are at the Post Office.   It's no secret that I love our Post Office clerks - they always comment on my packaging and didn't even blink at my latest mailing adventure.   I do wish they didn't have to slap those honking stickers all over, but they always try to avoid covering artwork, so can't really complain.

And here they are in Texas with some very happy little guys.   I FaceTimed Montana granddaughter who was busy munching on eyeballs , so hers also made it OK.

This is so much fun!!

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