Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Rescued at last!

I found this little guy at a thrift store several years ago. I didn't have any immediate plans for it, but knew that it would be fantastic somewhere. This little piece survived 2 moves, a stint in storage, and has recently been hiding out with the camping gear in the garage.

I sanded off most of the kiddie decals, then mixed some paint to coordinate with the bathroom tiles. The color seemed a bit too much, but a swipe of antiquing medium toned it down. A touch of sanding added to the aged look.

I glued distressed dictionary pages to the fronts. It's a great technique from Tim Holtz :12 Tags of Christmas. It allows you to remove the sometimes weird words in the dictionary - while we may all be a bit dysfunctional, no need to display "dysfunctional" where you have to face it every morning! The technique also makes pages look well-used, so new pages can fit in with a vintage look.

I took off the little wooden knobs, and because I really wasn't concerned about how easy it is to open the drawers since they aren't really functional, some old buttons worked fine.

No project would be complete without a couple of tags to hang off the little hooks !


  1. Wow that looks amazing... a new lease of life, love the handles x

  2. Nice job! It was a good find, too!

  3. Great idea! I shall add it to the "stash" in my head....


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